Stainless steel taps get very ugly over time, full of limescale stains, and no matter how hard you scrub them, those ugly hard water deposits won’t go away. My mother is a cleaning maniac and she tried all sort of harsh chemical cleaning products, but the results were not so satisfying. At least for her! Anyhow, I don’t agree with the use of chemical products, because I care about my health and inhaling those toxic vapors just to clean the taps is not worth it.

Instead giving yourself a headache when it comes to bathroom and kitchen cleaning, you better try using natural remedies which are as effective as harsh chemicals but with zero costs and a healthy environment. Sounds great for me!

Well, if you want sparkling stainless steel taps, you should follow the below cleaning procedure:

You need:

  • a cloth
  • white vinegar

Just soak the piece of cloth in vinegar until it’s completely wet, not damp, and cover the tap with it. You can let it act for 1 hour, but I leave the vinegar cloth to act overnight, just to be sure the taps are cleaned. Now, remove the cloth, and you will be surprised how shiny your taps are.

For more information you can watch the below video:

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