Linoleum is a fabric made from textile fabrics on which a mixture of fatty substances, plasticizers, dyes and resins has been applied. Without proper maintenance, linoleum can be damaged very quickly.

The most dangerous things for linoleum are hot water, alkaline detergents and ammonia. Use special cleaning solutions and clear them with water.

For cleaning the lino floor, dilute solutions in warm water. The detergent must not contain ammonia. Before applying that particular substance, first try it in one small corner to see if there are any damaging effects. If they are not, then you can use to clean the lino floor.

Or you can rinse the floor with a solution prepared from:
A mug of vinegar added to a bucket of cold water. Wipe your lino floor with this solution, and then rinse the floor with cold water.

Open the windows wide and let the lino flooring to dry.