This is one dirty and smelly job, I’m telling ya!

When I moved in with my boyfriend, I brought Frisky, my 1 year old cat to live with us. We absolutely adore him, and nevertheless he’s our little child. But frisky become less adorable when he tried to mark his new territory by peeing everywhere. As a male cat, the urine is more pungent and very acid due to hormones. Horrible!

After peeing on the sofa, door, carpets, he found a favorite peeing spot: on the hardwood flooring. That acidic pee, literally, burnt the wood, leaving a dark spot behind. God, I was so upset!

As I couldn’t give Frisky away, I searched everywhere for tricks and cleaning hacks to remove that stinky pee stain from the floor, and cover that pungent cat pee smell. Otherwise, Frisky would’ve come back to his new toilet instead peeing in the litter.

The only solution to get rid of the pungent cat urine smell and to remove that burnt stain from the floorboards was white vinegar – pour white vinegar over the stain abundantly. It seems that a pungent smell sucks the blood out from another pungent smell.

Hence, I managed to get rid of cat pee smell from hardwood flooring completely, without leaving any trace behind, so as Frisky not returning to the “troubled areas again”. What can I say, Frisky started to pee in the litter, like a normal cat!

Ingredients Needed:

– baking soda
– white vinegar

Tools Needed:

– carpet brush

Cat Pee Removal Method:

  • First, start by sprinkling baking soda over the cat pee stain. Don’t be greedy, and sprinkle a thick layer!
  • Now, drizzle the white vinegar over the baking soda and wait for the bubbling reaction.
  • Right after the foam appeared, use the brush and start scrubbing the floor thoroughly for the mixture to get deep into the wooded floorboards.
  • If the foam is gone, just add more baking soda and vinegar and start scrubbing again.
  • You will easily see how all that dirt and smell will bubble up the surface.

Careful! Let the floor to dry out completely before placing the carpets, otherwise, you will need more vinegar to clean moldy hardwood flooring.