Kids love slime and parents love things that keep kids busy. Slime is fun for all kids and it’s one of the most inventive ways in keeping them busy. But, most of the times, fun activities imply huge mess and slime makes no exception, and it’s just a matter of time until it gets stuck into your carpet. As a mom of two precious kids, I know the feeling of stepping barefoot into wet slime. “Priceless”!

First thing first: is the slime wet or dry on the carpet?

It’s very important to clean up the slime stain as soon as you see it. If you let it sit longer it will be harder to get it out.

Wet slime: remove as much as you can with your hands. You can use a spoon or a butter knife to remove as much slime as you can. Then, apply the bellow homemade slime remover and let it soak deep into the carpet. Take a soft brush and rub the carpet until the slime will break loose, and then spray more of the slime remover. Use a clean cloth to blot as much slime as possible. Spray and repeat the blotting process until the slime is completely gone.

Dry slime: freeze the slime. Put a few ice cubes into a zipper bag and place the bag over the slime spot. Let it sit for 10 minutes or more, and then scrape the slime out of the carpet.

But, let’s see the step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of slime from your carpet.

Don’t get mad, because the death sentence isn’t signed for your carpet already! Prepare the next slime remover, clap your hands, and the stain is gone.


  • White Vinegar
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Paper towels


  • Remove as much of the slime as you can with your hands first (whether it is wet or dry). Also spot test vinegar on your carpet before you do the remaining steps.
  • Mix 2 parts white vinegar and one part warm water in a spray bottle and shake well.
  • Generously spray the vinegar mixture on the remainder of the slime stain. Let it soak in. You may even see the slime start to dissolve on contact.
  • After the mixture has soaked in, blot with a dry paper towel. Repeat the spray/blot pattern until stain is gone.