When you purchase a pair of leather shoes you must know how to care about your beautiful walking treasures in order to extend their life. But, caring about your leather shoes doesn’t mean necessarily to purchase expensive leather products. There are several out-of-the-box hacks that will make your leather shoes look impeccable!

1. Loosen-up tight leather shoes with the hair dryer
Put on a pair of thick, wool socks and then put on your leather shoes. Now, set your hair dryer to a medium temperature and blow the warm air on the troubled area.

2. Stick your toes with duct tape when wearing stilettos
Stick toe no. 3 and toe no. 4 with duct tape or a patch every time you are wearing stilettos.

3. Remove unpleasant odors from leather and suede footwear
Attach panty liners inside the shoe sole. It will absorb foot sweat and eliminate unpleasant odors.

4. Scrub the shoe sole with abrasive paper
To avoid slipping, all you have to do is rub the soles of your shoes.

5. Chamomile tea for calluses
Take a warm foot bath with chamomile tea to soothe blisters and calluses and to relax your feet.

6. Patent leather shoes
Patent leather is a bit difficult to care for. But, if you clean your shoes with Windex, scuff marks will be gone and your shoes will shine again.

7. Clean the sole of your leather shoes
The nail polish remover will clean the dirt from the sole perfectly.

8. Effective hack for slippery heels
To prevent the heel from slipping, spray it with a hairspray.

9. Wet leather boots
Newspaper is the solution for wet leather boots. Stuck some newspapers inside your wet leather boots and it will absorb all the moisture.

10. Another trick for tight leather shoes
Fill two zipper bags with water and place them in each shoe. Put your shoes in the freezer and remove them after 24 hours.

11. Leather shoe warmers
In order to have warm leather shoes you can attach wool insoles.

12. Get rid of unpleasant shoe odor
Sprinkle baking soda inside your shoes, leave it overnight, and unpleasant odors will be gone.

13. Remove stains on suede
Easy-peasy! You can easily remove stubborn stains from suede shoes using a nail file.

14. Maintain the shape of your leather shoes and boots
You can keep the shape of the tall leather boots with the help of foam swim sticks.

15. Repair scratches on patent leather shoes
Vaseline is the answer. Apply Vaseline on scratches, rub the area and remove with a clean cotton cloth.