So, yes this is Christmas and I just bought a live Christmas tree to fill my home with joy, fresh pine scent and pine needles, of course. It’s basically impossible not to drop some pine needles on the floor or carpet when you bring the Christmas tree indoors. They will fall everywhere, including on the furniture and into far corners of the room as you take off the plastic netting. Furthermore, you will step in those pine needles and carry them all over the place and it’s not something you will actually enjoy on holidays.

In order to keep your Christmas holidays jolly and not to be bothered by pine needles, just learn from the wise and keep your home away from stinging pine needles.

How to clean up pine tree needles from carpet

Get rid of the sap

In order to break down the sap adhesive, apply a dry foam carpet shampoo and let it sit overnight. Rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer do relatively the same trick of loosening the sap.


The next morning, use a stiff brush to dislodge the needles.


If the shampoo has done its job well, your house hoover would be enough to get rid of the needles. You can also opt for renting an industrial hoover to make sure you get each one of them.

Gather leftovers with duct tape

If a few needles are still left, you can use duct tape to pull them out of the carpet. You can also use this method if you are certain there is no sap. It should be relatively easy.

Important! Don’t run your vacuum right over the pine needles! They can jam up the roller brushes and potentially ruin your vaccum forever. Instead, use the hose or crevice attachment on your vacuum. And make sure you put a new bag in or empty the canister first, as they can fill up pretty quickly with the bulky needles.

Use a Rubber Broom Instead For The Entire Floor

Your standard bristle broom can have trouble picking up all those pine needles, but a rubber broom corrals them easily. If you don’t have a rubber broom, I’ve found that getting on my hands and knees with a dust brush works pretty well — especially if you’re doing it fairly often.