Wooden floors offer your home a modern look, are practical, keep warm and are easy to maintain. Unfortunately, the wooden flooring can get stained easily wit hall sort of substances. For example, on my wooden flooring appeared some black spots, and I don’t know where from. I tried to clean it with all sort of cleaning products but those disgusting black stains couldn’t be removed, until I tried bleach.

Remove the black spots on wooden flooring with bleach

Black spots on the parquet can’t stand in front of bleach. Trust me!

You need:
– a soft cotton
– bleach

Soften the cloth in bleach and wipe out the stain on the floor using circular movements.
You’ll probably have to insist and rub a bit harshly, and don’t worry because bleach won’t ruin the wooden flooring. But those disgusting black spots will be definitely gone!

Tip: you can use an old toothbrush if the stain is small, or a carpet brush if the stain is bigger.