Besides giving any home a modern look, wooden flooring makes it practical, keeps it warm, and is easy to maintain. Unfortunately, the wooden flooring gets stained easily with all sorts of substances. On my wooden floor, for instance, some black spots have formed, and I’m not sure what caused them. All kinds of cleaning products failed to remove those disgusting black stains, until I discovered bleach, the magic ingredient.

Black spots on wooden floors can’t stand a chance against bleach. Trust me!

🧴 You need:

◾ a soft cotton cloth
◾ bleach

🧽 How to apply:

Soften the cloth in bleach and wipe out the stain using circular movements.
You’ll probably have to apply some pressure and rub a little bit hard, but don’t worry because bleach won’t ruin the wooden flooring. Those disgusting black spots will be definitely gone after!

💡Tip: use an old toothbrush if the stain is small, or a carpet brush if the stain is bigger.