The smell of urine from the elderly is much harder to clean and remove, due to the digestive system and, in most cases, the medication taken by the elderly. So, you will need some powerful remedies to get rid of it, because the usual laundry detergent can’t be very effective. After I’ve done some research, and this means calling my mother, I found some real effective tricks to get rid of urine stains and smell out of clothes.

You will need one of the following ingredients:

– bleach
– ammonia
– lemon juice
– corn starch
– hot water
– vinegar
– baking soda

Cover the stained clothing item in the chosen cleaning agent. Spread corn starch on your clothes to neutralize the urine scent before washing, and then add a chemical cleaning product and put it in the water for 20 to 30 minutes before washing.

Use separate cleaning agents to avoid toxic mixtures.

Bleach, vinegar and baking soda, lemon juice, ammonia, corn starch and Listerine are some of the agents that could be used to reduce urine smell on clothing. Check that the elderly person has an allergic reaction to agents used to remove urine odor, because they will get deep into the fabric.

Add 1/2 cup of one of the above products to your regular laundry detergent to remove urine odors.
Tip: vinegar works best when added to the final rinse to neutralize the smell.