I just love cooking in Pyrex dishes even if the after-cleaning gives me strong headaches. The messy problem starts small, but you’ll end up one day with a greasy and brownish film that will cover your sparkling Pyrex. Yes, there are tons of grease-removing methods all over the internet, but which one actually works?

For instance, I’ve made some lasagna yesterday and my Pyrex dish was a complete baked-on sauce mess. After washing with dish soap and scrubbing it with a wire sponge the baked sauce and burnt grease was still lingering on my Pyrex. Besides, I ended up with a scratched Pyrex baking tray. Isn’t this lovely?

However, the saving solution came from my 14 year old daughter. It seems that she read an article about crazy household hacks and cleaning a Pyrex glass tray was among the tricks. Worth trying after all the scrubbing struggle! Wondering if it worked? Well, let me show you my new, yet old Pyrex baking tray.

Since my first option in removing those stubborn burnt on grease stains was, obvious, baking soda and vinegar, I can’t say that it was a success. This combination works wonders for cleaning the microwave and refrigerator, because the stains from my Pyrex baking tray didn’t even budge!

The second option was BKF without any success either! But when the my daughter’s light bulb went off and mentioned about the Magic Eraser, I said…This is it! I wet the sponge and started scrubbing. Within 30 seconds, the residue was visibly disappearing. Could this be the trick? I kept going and after a good 5 minutes, my glass dish looked brand new! This was the answer after all the struggle!