I just got my driving license and I’m practicing my driving skills on an old Ford Focus that my mother used to drive years ago. The car is still functioning properly, except some small problems. The AC is not working as it should alongside with the signaling and foggy headlights. After fixing my AC and signaling in a garage, I was thrilled about my new super car and I took it for a ride. However, I forgot to inform the garage team about my foggy headlights, so I decided to fix them at home.

When it comes to driving at night, or in conditions of limited visibility, one of the most important safety precautions a driver can take is making certain that his or her headlights are in optimal working order. Mine weren’t!

What are foggy headlights, anyway?

The reason for headlight fogginess is a bit scientific. Most headlight lenses these days are made from a thick plastic comprised of polycarbonates. Unlike the glass lenses that were used in older cars, these plastic lenses are much more scratch-resistant and durable. However, over time, as this polycarbonate plastic is exposed to UV rays from the sun, the outer layers begin to break down and degrade. These changes cause the lenses to absorb blue light from the bulbs and cause a less potent, yellowish light to be emitted. The good news, however, is that cleaning foggy headlights is fairly easy.

The Perfect Solution To Clear Foggy Headlights Is: TOOTHPASTE!

Things You’ll Need:

  • toothpaste
  • microfiber cloth


1. Squeeze out enough toothpaste on your finger tip then wipe it on the cloth.
2. Don’t add some water yet! Using a cloth, scrub the tooth paste in an elliptical motion.
3. Go to your sink then dampen your cloth with water. Just water.
4. Go back to your car and scrub it again, this time with a damp piece of cloth.
5. When your done with the scrubbing, wipe it!
6. Your headlights will look brand new! Just like magic!