Lately, I heard a lot of people asking how to remove the ID sticker from their windshield. I was pretty intrigued, because I neglected my windshield and I have a collection. Now, they annoy me!

So, I did my homework and tried several methods in removing stickers from the windshield without scratching it.
Important! It doesn’t matter the kind of sticker glued on the windshield, because these stickers are meant to last!
So, the most effective method is WD-40!

You need:

– WD-40
– razor blades
– plastic scrapers

How to use:

Spray the WD-40 over the decal and allow it to act for a few minutes so it can be absorbed by the adhesive.

Important! Don’t let allow it to dry over the surface.

Now, use a razor blade or the plastic scraper to remove the decal, but carefully not to scratch the windshield.
Once the sticker had been removed use a soft cloth to remove the adhesive residue from the window.

Image Credits: Bilderbeste