Last month, my husband and I redecorated our living room. The main redecorating idea was changing the sofa and a few furniture items, until we took a closer look to the walls: 2 walls were scuffed up with some small hollow marks from place to place. So, we buckle up with some paint cans and brushes, we taped the bottom wall edges, and then the wall painting process begun.

It was fun, I’m telling, ya’, and the walls look amazing. The entire aspect of our living room changed completely!
But the fun game stopped when we saw our carpet stained with white paint. Changing the carpet wasn’t a solution and the only way to remove those ugly paint stains was to ask my mother-in-law which offered me the best old school paint remover method.

So, arm yourself with patience and with the below ingredients and tools to remove paint stains from carpet instantly!

You need:

– vinegar


– microwave safe bowl
– old toothbrush
– butter knife

Get started!

  • First, you have to microwave for 20-30 seconds 1 cup of vinegar until it gets hot.
  • The next step is to apply a small amount of the vinegar over the paint stain, and then dip the toothbrush into the hot vinegar and start rubbing the carpet.
  • Yeah, patience is the key of this process, because you have to repeat this process multiple times until the paint is completely soaked.
  • The last step is to leave the vinegar for 15 more minutes over the stain after the paint is completely soaked.
  • In case your patience will be gone after a few minutes of intense rubbing, you may take a butter knife and start picking up the sticky paint.

Don’t worry! The vinegar smell will be gone when the carpet is dried.