The hard wood flooring gives such an elegant aspect to your home. You have to use special hard wood cleaners for the type of wood you parquet is made, otherwise, you may ruin it over time.

Keep in mind! Never clean the parquet with water and detergent, use special cleaning products instead, depending on the finish.

Varnished flooring with water-based solutions is not cleaned with petroleum-based products, and the waxed floor must not be washed with water and oily solutions.

How to remove chewing gum, nail polish, Play-Doh or wax from hard wood flooring

If you stained your parquet with nail polish or you have stuck chewing gum, Play-doh or wax on it, there is a quick way to remove it.

You need:

  • an ice cube

Apply the ice cube directly on the stain and let it act for 20 minutes. This way, you will easily un-stuck this products from your hard wood flooring. At the end, clean it with a dry cloth.

Now, spray the area with a special wood detergent to get rid of the remaining stains.

Tip: if the hard wood flooring is stained with water marks, you easily remove them with a solution made from 2 parts water with 2 parts of vodka, and polish the area with a special parquet cleaning solution.

Image Credits: Wikihow