Most of the time, a bad odor installs in your mattress because of moisture. Overnight sweat along with the released body oils will create a pungent odor which will get deep into the pillows and mattress.
On the other hand, if you have children, the situation may get complicated because pee strains may complete this stinky menu.

Well, to get rid of these stains you don’t have to change the mattress, just apply the next home hack to neutralize bad odors and get rid of stains, especially pee stains.

You need:

– steam cleaner
– baking soda (a lot)

Now, get to work!

– Open large the windows to ventilate well the room. Start cleaning your mattress with the steamer and insist on the stained areas to soften the stains.
– Now, sprinkle a generous layer of baking soda and don’t be greedy! Anyhow, baking soda is cheap and does real wonders for your stained mattress.
– Leave the baking soda to act well for about 3 hours, and then use the steamer again.
– At the end, vacuum all the baking powder and let the mattress to dry in the sun or in a well-ventilated room for 2-3 days.

The bad odor will be gone along with the stubborn pee stains!

Image Credits: Yellowblissroad