After a hard day at work, you arrive home and a funny sticky odor comes out from your shoes? Well, the same smell in on your feet and, most of the time, the shoes are culpable for this stinky situation. Either they are made of poor materials, but let’s face it, even leather leaves a funny odor behind.

Because the foot can’t be well-ventilated, moisture appears along with bacteria and bad odors.
Guys, it doesn’t matter the reason – the main idea is that your feet and footwear are stinky and you have to do something about it!

Well, getting rid of stinky feet is one solution, but, on the other hand you have to remove the bad odor from your shoes.

And for this solution, bless grandma, because she invents all sorts of tricks that really work. And the next trick is absolutely amazing when it comes in removing bad odors, especially bad shoe odor.

You need:

– vodka
– cotton pads

So, just soak a cotton pad in vodka, and start wiping the shoes on the outside. The next step is to soak another cotton pad or more in vodka, and start wiping the shoes on the inside. Of course, you can leave one cotton pad to act overnight – because the smell of alcohol will be gone along with the stinky feet smell from your shoes.

Image Credits: Cookingupclean