It’s not easy to remove sweat stains from your clothes, especially if you don’t have special products. It happens to forget buying that super stain remover. That’s why it good to know a few cleaning tips, especially when it comes to remove stains out of your clothes. And most of the time, help is where you never expected, such as: your pantry. By mixing the right ingredients, you will succeed in removing any type of stain. But, in this article I will show you how to remove sweat stains from your clothes, especially if they are yellowish.
After a fine search in my kitchen cabinet, I found the next ingredients that successfully removed sweat stains out of my clothes along with that unpleasant odor.

You need:

– 1 liter of water
– 100 ml of vinegar
– 100 g of starch

How to proceed?

Put the water on low heat and when it starts to simmer, add the vinegar. Stir a bit, and then add the corn starch and stir continuously until the corn starch it’s dissolved. Remove the pot of the fire.
Now, pour the solution over the stain and let it act for 30-40 minutes, then put it in the washer and start a normal washing cycle.