Kitchen cockroaches are these awful parasites present everywhere…they are more in number than humans, and this is a major problem in my opinion. But, what do you so when they invade your kitchen, walking around through your food and cupboards? Well, you have to take action to get rid of quickly, because cockroaches are carrying a lot of serious diseases. So, you can use bay leaves or other scents to send them away, but you can also use the following cockroach trap to get rid of these unexpected guests.

Diy cockroach trap

You need:

– a plastic bottle
– a piece of home soap

First, cut the top of the bottle (four fingers below the lid) and position it with the lid upside down in the other half of the bottle. Fill the container with warm water, and put a piece of soap in it, and let it melt. Then leave the bottle in a place where the “heave cockroach traffic” is. Now, let the trap to do its job: they will try to drink water and drown in the liquid.

Image Credits: Lifehack