Cooking is a hobby for me, especially when I cook for my family. The single thing I hate about my hobby is the odor it leaves behind, especially that fish smell. That pungent fish smell leaves you without appetite, so you have to get rid of it somehow.

And I have the perfect natural tricks for that!

1. Vinegar is a remarkable ingredient if you want to get rid of the unpleasant odors in the kitchen, especially fish odor. If you are baking fish, just put a pot of vinegar next to it, and leave it for a few hours after you finish cooking to absorb the unpleasant odors.

2. Apples prove to be very effective when you want to get rid of the smell of fried fish. Before putting the fish in the pan, garnish some slices of apple in it. They will reduce the smell of fish without ruining the taste of it.

3. An orange and a few cloves can do wonders for eliminating unpleasant smells in the kitchen. Take an orange and put in it as many cloves as possible. As you know, the orange peel is very aromatic and the cloves soaked with its juice emanates a unique smell that remembers the holidays.

Get rid of fish smell impregnated in pots

To get rid of the smell of fish impregnated in pots and plastic containers, cut a few potatoes in half, sprinkle sea salt over them and put them in the container (with lid) for at least 2 hours.

Image Credits: Foodsitescatalog