If you noticed some small and unsightly scratches on your glasses, don’t rush changing your lenses, because this involves a lot of money. You just have to “take a walk” to the bathroom and grab your toothpaste or the nail polish remover! Yes, it sounds crazy but as a four-eye since childhood, I’m telling you this trick works!

You need:

– a microfiber cloth
– toothpaste or nail polish remover

How to proceed?

First of all you have to clean your glasses very well under the tap with the microfiber cloth. Then, just add some toothpaste on the cloth and start rubbing gently each lens using circular movements for 30 seconds. At the end just clean thoroughly the glasses using warm water.

Voila, the scratches are gone! In case it doesn’t, just repeat the process because the results will come.

Image Credits: Hivehealthmedia