There are many people fighting with dust mites, and most of the time the fight is lost, because there are too many of them. Not to mention that these parasites are feeding with dry skin causing bites and intense itchiness.
In addition, dust mites can contribute to the appearance of allergies, meaning that we have to protect our house of these parasites.

Remember that these microorganisms belong to the arachnid family tending to settle in the fabric of mattresses, pillows, and carpets.

How to get rid of dust mites with alcohol and lavender oil


– Half a glass of rubbing alcohol
– Half a glass of water
– A spoonful of essential lavender oil (found in pharmacies or in the natural stores)
– A spray bottle

Steps to follow:

Pour the rubbing alcohol, water and the essential lavender oil into the bottle, and shake it well to mix the ingredients.
Spray this homemade solution over the bed, sofa and curtains, as these are usually the places where there are a large number of parasites.
We can use this trick once a month if we want to keep our house clean.

Image Credits: Naturallivingideas