In order to keep its beauty, the wooden floor needs special care. Otherwise, it will no longer appear elegant. With a dry, soft cloth and the right cleaning solutions, it will last a lifetime.

Wooden floors should never be washed with water and detergent. It should only be cleaned with a special product. Clean varnished flooring with petroleum-based products, and waxed wooden flooring with oil-free products.

A varnished heavy wood parquet doesn’t require wax or any other oil-based cleaners.

🧹🧽 How to remove difficult stains from wooden floors

🟤 When wooden flooring is stained with chewing gum, Silly Putty, nail polish or wax, simply place an ice cube over the stain. For maximum results, let it work for 20 minutes. Use a dry cloth to clean it at the end.

⚫ Get rid of stains by spraying special wood detergent on the area. Use alcohol to clean white stains on wooden floors. Rub until they disappear. Finally, polish the area with a special cleaning solution for wooden floors.