Last night I was painting my nails, and that nasty nail drop fall on the carpet. I’m screwed, I said, if my mother sees it! So, I decided to search in the internet for a miracle to remove the nail polish from the carpet. And here comes the good news, and I’m saved, because I found the perfect solution in removing nail polish from the carpet.

If there is other clumsy girl in the same situation try the following trick because it will save your tush!

Remove nail polish from carpet

If you dropped nail polish on the carpet, then use a sharp object such as a knife or a sheet of paper to remove the nail surplus.

Take a cotton bud and soak one end in nail polish remover, and apply it to the stain. Don’t rub the stain, just dab it easily, until the nail polish is impregnated on the cotton bud.

If you don’t notice any change, just apply hydrogen peroxide over the stain by dabbing the area, not rubbing it. If you rub the nail polish stain, you will spread it instead of removing it.