Leather upholstery is very demanding but it looks so beautiful. Imagine a lazy Sunday lying down in your leather sofa, reading a book, or watching T.V.! Yeah, sounds perfect sometimes! But what do you do when it comes in removing that Sharpie stain that your nephew creatively designed on your sofa? Don’t yell at him, because there a solution for everything, even for removing any type of stain from leather upholstery.

Remove Sharpie and pen stains
Often, leather sofas and armchairs are drawn up by children with pens or markers. If you wipe them quickly, the leather won’t be stained so badly. So, if you have leather upholstery, use some cleansing milk to remove any trace of permanent marker or pen. This solution will easily clean the leather without side effects.

Remove chewing gum
Yes, chewing gum! If it’s stuck on your sofa, try to remove it! I thought that it will remain stuck there! But, if you put an ice cube over the gum, it will get hardened, making it easy to remove, without being necessary to use any sharp object to un-stuck it!

Food or coffee stains
For food or coffee stains, even red wine stains, you can prepare a solution made from 200 ml of vinegar, 100 ml of oil and 10 drops of essential orange oil. Mix everything well, and soak a paper towel in this solution or a clean cloth to wipe the stain. These ingredients will remove dirt immediately, working like a “healing conditioner” for leather upholstery.