Grease always finds a way to stick to the toughest surfaces. If grease stains touched your kitchen walls, I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about! That grease on your walls will remain stuck unless you try to remove it with the following tricks:

Vinegar removes old grease stains
If you have old grease stains on the kitchen walls painted with washable paint, white vinegar is your best friend. Even if it’s called washable paint, this type of paint can’t be washed with aggressive detergents, as you risk ruining the paint.

You need:
– 50% white vinegar
– 50% warm water

Mix the above ingredients and use the solution to wash the greasy walls. Use a sponge moistened in this solution to rub the grease stains, and wipe immediately with a clean and dry cloth. Otherwise the solution may dry and will leave unsightly stains on the walls.

Baking soda
Just prepare a smooth paste made of baking soda and water, and apply it on the kitchen walls, especially on the hardened grease stains. Let it dry completely and remove the hardened baking soda paste. You can now say farewell to grease stains on walls!

Image Credits: Americabwarmoms