If you have got vintage lace outfits, you know it gets a yellowish tint over time due to washing, dust and so many other factors. Don’t be upset because you can restore your old lace dress with a few simple hacks:

How to wash vintage lace?

Old fabrics are very delicate and can tear apart very easy. Never wash the lace in the washer. You better hand wash it! It’s advisable to do the same thing with every vintage clothing item because they are pretty sensitive to harsh detergents and successive spins in the cuvette. Hot water can shrink certain fabrics, so you should wash all vintage lace clothes with cold water.

How to remove stains from vintage lace?

Effective both for unpleasant smells and old stains, baking soda with lukewarm water can be a cheap and affordable solution for everyone.

You need:
– 2 cups of baking soda
– lukewarm water

Pour the water in a basin and add baking soda. Then introduce the vintage lace clothing item, and let it stand for half and hours. Easily, try to hand-wash it without rubbing it between your hands, because you may ruin the lace.

Image Credits: Drakecleaners