Household and electronic appliances need special care when it comes to cleaning. You can’t use normal detergent to clean the sensitive surfaces or screens. But you can keep dirt and dust at a distance with some hacks I’ve learned from other housewives.

Clean the keyboard with duct tape
All you need is duct tape or other type of adhesive tape to remove all the dirt and crumbs from the keyboard. Cut a long strip of adhesive tape and wrap your finger around it the same way you do with dental floss. Pass the sticky side of the adhesive tape through the keyhole slots and that’s all folks! The hard-to-remove particles between the keys are removed.

Clean the monitor with the coffee filter
Coffee filters are perfect for removing quickly grease and dust from screens, monitors, and even smartphones.

Clean the mouse with alcohol
Whether you choose to use rubbing alcohol, or ethyl alcohol, it’s the best option to clean the mouse. All you have to do is dip a cleansing pad or a cotton bud in alcohol, and wipe carefully the rubber buttons on the surface of the mouse. But be careful not to introduce textile yarns inside the mouse.