Every housewife knows that a burnt frying pan is hard to clean and requires special effort and detergents. So, instead rubbing it with a wire sponge, which leads to a scratch frying pan, you better use the following natural solution to solve this burnt issue.

Most housewives are looking for the best cleaning solutions to clean their cookware, and one of these solutions is here, in this article:

To easily clean a frying pan you need:

– a large potato
– baking soda

Potato juice mixed with baking soda is the best way to clean that burnt frying pan.

How to proceed?
Cut the potato in half and moisten it in baking soda powder. Wipe the frying with the other potato half, and then rub it well with potato and baking soda. If the burnt is hard to remove, you have to insist a bit harder, but the results will appear immediately.
Continue the procedure until the pan is clean. Moisten periodically the potato in baking soda, and start rubbing again.
This method can also be used to clean the fat deposits on the stove and other burnt dishes.

Image Credits: Construirtv