Limescale deposits contain calcium, which stains many objects in the bathroom. If you prefer to avoid chemicals because of allergies or high prices, Find out that there is another way to get rid of limescale out of your bathroom: natural ingredients.

With these simple ingredients and a sponge, you can clean the limescale traces from the sink almost instantly. All you have to do is follow the next steps:

– Moisten a sponge and sprinkle baking soda over it.
– Clean dirty surfaces until all traces of limescale have been removed.
– Rinse the sponge and clean the surfaces again to remove the baking soda traces.
– To remove stains on the edges of the tap, spray fresh vinegar or lemon juice on a paper towel.
– Wrap the stained surface in paper towel and let the remedy work overnight.
– The following morning, clean the remaining stains with a sponge.
– You can repeat the same procedure for your tiles.
– Baking soda cleans all surfaces without damaging them. In addition, like vinegar and lemon, this product kills the bacteria and is not toxic. However, it’s not advisable to use vinegar and lemon on aluminum because it will corrode it.

Image Credits: Familyhandyman