Maintaining a clean and neat home is fundamental for our health. But this is a utopic sentence,
because, due to our neglecting behavior, we spill things, leaving behind the
perfect spot for bacteria development. And if we have kids or pets, maintaining
a clean house is basically impossible.

After days of intense cleaning, I came to a conclusion: the couch is the dirtiest
place in the house. Not the bathroom nor kitchen! The couch!

The sofa is the place where everyone is gathering, doing all sort of stuff, and one
of them is eating all sort of greasy things. And if it happens to have a
textile sofa, then you are dead meat! Wrapping your sofa in plastic isn’t a
solution, even if you want to that!

Even if you clean the sofa frequently, it can get a bad odor, which is getting
harder to remove.

But I have the perfect solution to remove bad odor and stains from textile sofa!

White vinegar to eliminate the bad sofa odor

The nasty odor of the sofa can appear due to several factors, such as daily use or
the presence of pets in the house, such as the dog or cat odor. But one of the
most effective remedies to remove the bad smell of the sofa is white vinegar.
White vinegar has disinfecting properties and helps eliminate dirt and odors.

You need:

  • 700 ml of water
  • 120 ml of white vinegar
  • a spray container

Mix the above solutions in the spray bottle, and after homogenization, spray the mixture
over the sofa and let act until it evaporates. It is recommended to open the
windows to facilitate drying and proper ventilation of vinegar smell.

Don’t worry! The vinegar smell won’t remain impregnated in the textile couch!

Image Credits: Helloglow