A layer of fresh paint or a new wallpaper design can change instantly the entire room. If the room is already covered with wallpaper, it’s important to remove it completely before applying paint or new wallpaper. There are many products to remove the old wallpaper, but what do you do with the high chemical content? Before resorting to such a product, try a natural combination of water and vinegar. At least, it worked for me!

Difficulty level: pretty easy

Needed materials:

  • a bucket
  • a spray bottle
  • a punching tool


Step 1:

Mix equal amounts of hot water and white vinegar in a bucket.

Step 2:

Fill a spray bottle with water and vinegar mixture.

Step 3:

Spray the mixture over the wallpaper until it gets impregnated in this mixture. Vinyl wallpaper should be marked with a punch tool before applying the blend. This will allow the moisture to enter behind the wallpaper to soften the glue. Let the mixture soften the wallpaper for a few minutes. The blend will unstuck the wallpaper adhesive and allow it to be easily pulled off the wall.

Step 4:

Drag the wallpaper from top to bottom.

Image Credits: Rianve