Remember that movie – Honey, I shrunk the kids? Well, this is a similar situation, only that this time it’s “honey, I shrunk the clothes”! It can happen to anybody: now you wash a garment, especially wool, and when you take it off from the washer you can easily dress your cat with it. These small accidents happens to everybody, and recently I found out that you can actually save a shrunk clothing item, and there’s no need to purchase another sweater, for example.  

How to save shrunk clothes?

The best way to save shrunk clothes is the use of hair conditioner. How? Read it in the lines below!

You need:

  • he shrunk clothing item, of course
  • hair conditioner
  • a cotton towel
  • the sink or a basin

All you have to do is fill the sink or basin with lukewarm water, add some hair conditioner, about 1 teaspoon and leave the garment soaked in this mixture for 15-20 minutes. After the time passes, take off the garment and squeeze it very well.

Important: don’t rinse the garment, just squeeze it.

Now, place the clothing item over the cotton towel, taking care to spread the fabric in all directions – just stretch the sleeves and the rest of the blouse. Leave the garment on the towel until it dries, and let it dry naturally.

Voila! The shrunk clothing item is not tiny anymore, and it fits your size.