The same old cold season problem faced by most drivers: interior condensation. I honestly can tell you that it became a habit in wiping the windshield every morning with a kitchen roll, but it’s quite messy and expensive.
So, in order to prevent condensation inside the car, I decided to make a brief research in how to stop condensation and eradicate a damp car interior.

Why does condensation happen inside the car?

One or a number of the following things could cause condensation inside the car:
1. Wet clothes/shoes/pets – water on these items will slowly evaporate into the cabin air or, if heavily soaked, cause the seats and carpet to become wet.
2. Breath – when you or your pets breathe, that exhaled air contains a large amount of water vapor which is released into the cabin.
3. A water leak.
4. No circulation of fresh air.

How I managed to stop condensation inside my car

First, I looked for damp signs…

Leaving damp or wet items such as shoes, clothes, floor carpet, and other things inside is one of the main reasons for condensation inside car. As you already know the cause of foggy glass surfaces, you should remove every source of moisture to keep the glasses clear.

…and on warm and sunny days I left the windows slightly open.

Leaving a window slightly ajar during warm winter days will allow the sun to warm the vehicle’s interior and circulate the moisture out of your car. Just be sure to shut the windows before nightfall to avoid getting a car full of dew.

But, on wet and rainy days I the windows should be closed…

The rainy days are the worst for creating condensation inside car. So, don’t leave the windows or the sunroof open on these days. It will let moisture in and make all the surfaces foggy.

…and use your air conditioning if necessary.

“But it’s winter! Who needs AC in the winter?” I can hear you say. Well actually, you do. Air conditioning removes moisture from the air, so turn it on when your car is at a comfortable temperature. That aside, you should use your air conditioning at least once a fortnight during the winter to keep the system ticking and stop any pipes from drying out and leaking gas. It also stops it from smelling when you do turn it back on again in the summer.

Keep your seats dry

If a seat gets wet either from clothing, a wet umbrella, or a spill, use your car heaters or a hair dryer and dry them right away with the windows open to let the moisture out.

To use or not to use Rain X and Shaving Foam?

Some people say that using anti-fog repellent products can do more harm than good to your windshield, because it may create a blurry film on the screen which can be a real nuisance to remove.
On the other hand, other people say that is extremely effective and can prevent condensation.

Another trick to absorb moisture inside a car is:

  • fill a sock with cat litter, tie it at one end and place it on the car board
  • if condensation is a real problem, you can place more cat litter socks around your car