Fruit flies are those annoying insects that, once they invade your home, they have no intention to leave. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to send them away!
There is no need to resort to insecticides to get rid of fruit flies that have invaded your home. You can also drive them out with the help of some homemade traps. Here are some suggestions:

Trap 1:

You need:

– vinegar
– 5 drops of lemon scent dish detergent
– a small glass bowl

Pour the vinegar and dish detergent drops into the bowl.
This solution will attract the fruit flies like a magnet, and the insects will drown in it.

Tip: change the solution daily so that the smell to be strong enough to attract them.

Trap 2:

You need:

– a jar
– beer
– a plastic bag

Fill half a jar with beer and cover the jar with a plastic bag in which you’ve made some holes, big enough for fruit flies to get inside. Once they get to the beer, the insects will not be able to get out of the jar.

Image Credits: Przygarach