Stove grates can become so dirty, better said, full of grease, especially if you cook daily. And hardened grease it’s very hard-to-remove, we all know that. Chemical cleaning dust or special grease removers often prove to be helpless in this greasy fight, not to mention the time we spend rubbing or brushing the stove grates.
But there is a very simple method that not only relieves us of effort, but with much better results, compared to the above-mentioned chemicals.

Those housewives out there, who haven’t tried this trick yet, should act immediately.

You need:

– ziploc bags for each grate
– ammonia

Put each stove grate in a ziploc bag, in which you add a cup of ammonia with 2 cups of water. Close the bag, and let it work overnight. After just 24 hours, without any effort, the stove grates are shiny as new.

Another trick, as simple as the one above, is adding 2 tablespoons of baking soda paste with a cup of hydrogen peroxide in the zipper bag instead of ammonia. Also, you can clean the stove with this baking soda paste, because it’s very effective and any grease drop will be easily removed.

Image Credits: Thepinjunkie