I bet that you know how hard it is to keep those tile joints cleaned! They look pretty disgusting when they are dirty, and I’m sure that you don’t want a neglected house. No matter how often you clean the tiles there is not much to do with the joints. They always gather dirt between the tile plates which can hardly be removed. When you mop the floors, you only scatter the dirt and block it between the tiles. The joints turn black and the only solution seems to clean them every two or three days. If you want, however, that the joints always remain clean if you use the following trick:

You need:

– a white candle

Clean the joints well, and then rub them with the candle stick. Wax will act as a protective layer and you can clean up the dirt faster. The best way to maintain the joints clean is to apply wax as soon as you apply tiles on your floorings.

Other effective trick that will help you to maintain your joints clean

Dirt particles can scratch the tiles, so it’s important to keep the floor clean. If you are cleaning the floorings once a week, try to wipe the tiles during the week with a cloth soaked in a solution made from equal parts of hot water and vinegar.

Image Credits: Pinterest