Do you think that staining you shirt or any other clothing item with permanent marker means a new shirt? Wrong! This stupid mistake can be easily repaired! Your shirt can be saved! Of course, if act immediately the chances of success are high.

So, try one of the below tricks to remove “creativity” out of your shirt!

Hair spray
Exactly, you read well! Believe it or not, with hair spray you can remove Sharpie stains out of your clothes! How? Very simple!
Soften the coat in water. Spray over a paper towel some hair spray, and dab slowly the maker stain. You will notice from the first dabs that marker traces will be transferred on the paper towel. Repeat the procedure until the stain is completely gone! Then wash the clothing item as usual.

Rubbing alcohol
The rubbing alcohol bottle kept in the medicine cabinet will save your favorite shirt. The procedure is as simple as the one above. Put the stained area over a paper towel. Soak a clean cloth in rubbing alcohol, and dab the stained area with it. Results? The stain should be transferred from the shirt to the paper towel underneath from the first dabbing. It’s very important to change the paper towel as often as you think it’s necessary. After you get rid of the stain, put the shirt in the washer, along with other laundry, and wash it as usual.

Eh … You have to see it to believe it! And the use of milk is an equally effective method for removing stains of all kinds from textiles. Including the most sinister ones, like permanent marker stains.
It’s very easy to use. Pour milk in a bowl and soften the stained area in the milk. It will penetrate the fabric and slowly, the stain will begin to dissolve. When you will notice a big difference between the original color and the current color, change the milk in the bowl, and repeat the process with confidence, until the stain disappears completely from the material.

Image Credits: Dailymail