Tea is so praised by most women due to its delicious taste. And it comes in so many flavors! There are plenty of herbs and fruits that can give you the tastiest tea you’ve ever drunk! Although, it becomes a real problem when, it stains your cups and mugs. Left for a whole day in a cup, tea, especially black tea, can stain pretty bad your favorite cup, and no dish detergent can remove it! Yes, there is a simple way to remove tea traces from your favorite mug.

You need:

– a paper sheet

Wash the mug very well, and then take the paper sheet and rub the interior of the mug slowly. You will see how those tea traces will disappear.

Other tricks:
You can use white vinegar to clean the mug. Just put 1 tablespoon of white vinegar in the mug, add water, and then rub it gently with the green side of a dish sponge. There you go, the tea stains are gone!

Image Credits: Saltinmycoffee