The mattress can mold, stain and catch an unpleasant odor! Not to mention about those dust mites that can bite you while sleeping! But I’m telling you: this is over! Following the below steps it’s the perfect way to exterminate mold, stains and dust mites from the mattress!

The vacuum cleaner will remove the dust out of the mattress
Before you start to wash a mattress and remove any stain, you need to get rid of dust, food scraps (yes, I know that you’ve been eating in bed), strange smells, smoke, and so on. Vacuum well the mattress on both sides to remove all the dust inside the mattress!

Get rid of the stains on the mattress
If the mattress was stained with blood or urine, you need an organic detergent to decompose proteins found in blood and the uric acid found in urine! Don’t use hot water to remove organic stains because the high temperature can cause the stain to get deeper into the fabric. Mix some cold water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and swab the stained area. Once you rinse the place well, let it dry thoroughly, or even use a hair dryer to make sure there is no moisture left in the mattress.

Urine stains and unpleasant odors are removed with baking soda, vinegar and water.

Get rid of mold stains
If your mattress has been wet for too long and got moldy, you have to leave it for a few days to dry in the sun. You can rush the process with an dehumidifier or hair dryer, but be careful not to overheat the fabric. Mix alcohol with lukewarm water and use a sprayer for the entire surface. Let it dry out well, then you can also use a regular disinfectant, such as medicinal spirits, mixed with water.