If pet hair or human hair bothers you every time you see it on the carpet, or on the bathroom tiles, you should know that it can easily be removed with some tricks! It’s useless to vacuum the carpets because pet hair is still there, stuck between the carpet’s threads! And it’s pretty annoying and disgusting to see all that hair on the floor! At least, it’s disgusting for me! But there are some tricks to remove the hair from carpets!

Moistened cloth
A cotton cloth, well moistened in water does wonder over the carpet! Just rub the carpets with it and all the hair will be removed from them. If you are not disgusted of hair, you can try to remove it with your palms instead of a cloth.

Rubber gloves
Put on a pair of rubber gloves and start rubbing the palms of your hands. Now all the hair is slowly electrifying from your rubber gloves and it will seem like you’re doing pure magic.

Sneakers with rubber sole
If you can’t bend, just put on a pair of rubber sole sneakers and start dancing or moving back and forth on the carpet. The rubber will gather much of the hair by static. Think of moments when you were little and your hair was sticking to a balloon. This is the same procedure.

Laundry softener
If the above methods aren’t so convincing, you can trust the laundry softener. Dilute 1:3 laundry softener with water and sprinkle it over the carpet. Let it dry and then vacuum the carpet. This way the hair will be easier to remove.