Even if you wash the wooden cutting board after each use, you should know this is the most dirty kitchen utensil, along the sponge. Unfortunately, the usual dish soap doesn’t remove germs and bacteria that gather in those small wooden cracks, only the dirt on the surface.

It’s best to have in the kitchen two wooden cutting boards, one for meat and the other one for veggies.
In case if you have only one wooden cutting board, it’s recommended to be made of either glass or bamboo, because these two materials are much easier to sanitize.

However, as I said, most housewives have only one wooden cutting board, and to make sure you kill all germs and bacteria you should try the next kitchen hack:

You need:

– boiling water
– coarse salt
– half a lemon

Put the cutting board in a pot with boiling water. After it cools a bit, rub it with coarse salt, and leave the salt to act for half an hour. Then start rubbing it with the lemon half. Rinse it with cold water and let it dry.