The tile joint is a white compound that deteriorates over time due to moisture, dust and other substances that can accumulate on its surface. It has small pores that become black because of mold, bacteria and other microorganisms that develop easily in wet environments. But in this article you will find out a really effective trick that will help you to remove dirt and mold between tiles without harsh chemicals and less effort.

White vinegar has many uses, being one of the most popular cleaning products for years. Recently, white vinegar has also gained popularity among most-wanted chemicals found on the market.

The antifungal, antibacterial and bleaching properties of white vinegar are useful in removing mold from the grout and its joints. This natural product also neutralizes the smell of mold.

– ½ cup of white vinegar
– ¼ cup of hot water
– 1 spray bottle

– Mix the white vinegar with warm water and pour the solution obtained in a spray bottle.
– Spray the solution over the tile joints and let it work for 10 minutes.
– Rub the affected surfaces with a brush or sponge.
– If stains don’t remove easily, you can apply undiluted white vinegar directly on the tile joints.
– Rinse with warm water and wipe the surface with a cloth.

Image Credits: Decoist