Proper shoe care ensures their durability over time, we all know that! But the question is: how do you care for them? We read about all sort of tricks in cleaning suede, leather but I have this wonderful pair of patent leather with some scratches on it, and I wanted to make them look wonderful again! And I found some effective tricks to clean my patent leather shoes!

Even though patent leather shoes are not very common when it comes to footwear, well I love wearing them and I want to share with you some effective cleaning solutions!

1. Clean patent leather shoes with Windex! Grab a clean cloth and spray Windex over them, then wipe the shoes as you do with your windows.

2. To remove stain out of patent leather shoes, use Vaseline. Apply Vaseline on the stain and rub it gently a piece of cloth. This way you will make your shoes glance.

3. Use vinegar! If your patent shoes are really dirty, clean them with vinegar. Moisten a piece of cloth in vinegar and rub gently your shoes with it. Keep in mind that vinegar is acid, so don’t poor too much of it, otherwise you may ruin your clothes.

4. Rubbing alcohol is very useful in removing stains out of patent leather shoes. Pour rubbing alcohol on a piece of cloth and wipe carefully your shoes with it! The stains will be easily removed.

Image Credits: Shareably