Even if you change the pillowcase once a week, the pillow surface remains the same. As time passes, the pillow gets a yellowish shade and it can easily get stained with saliva, sweat and body oil, not to mention that bad odor coming out of it.

When washing it only with laundry detergent, the results are disappointing: the same stained and yellow pillow – because the sweat and body oil are well impregnated in the fabric, being very difficult to remove. A strong laundry detergent may ruin your pillows, especially if they are filled with downy feathers (down pillows).

However, there is a homemade solution, especially designed for pillow whitening, that easily removes sweat and body oil stains.


◾ hot water

◾ a cup of laundry detergent

◾ a cup of dishwashing detergent

◾ a cup of bleach

◾ a cup of borax


🔷 For down pillows

Add all the above ingredients in a large container and soak your pillows in it for 2 hours. Remove the pillows, squeeze them slowly to get rid of the excess water and let them dry in fresh air. It’s advisable to do this in the summertime, leaving the pillows to dry outside.

🔶 For synthetic pillows

These pillows can be easily washed in the washer. Just add the above ingredients in the washer along with the pillows and start the usual washing cycle. Just like magic, the stains and yellowish spots will be removed from your white pillows.