My best friend discovered that she has a passion for painting two years ago, and she can’t leave the painting brush of her hand. What can is say, her paintings are amazing, and I’m pretty sure that she will be a famous artist one day.
But, like any other painter, they only see the canvas, leaving the surroundings behind, until they finish the painting.
As an outsider, I can see that all that oil-based paint is not applied only on the canva, it’s also on the furniture, clothes, walls, everywhere, not to mention about her face and hands. And all that paint, after the masterpiece is done, you have to remove it somehow, because you end in painting all the living room, and that’s something your husband wouldn’t like.

In this article I will teach you how to remove oil-based stains from fabrics without scrubbing.

So, you can use our trick in removing oil-based paint:

– paint thinner
– dish soap
– water
– bowl

How to use:

Choose the thinner for the particular type of paint you’ve used.
Now, stretch the fabric with the stain over a bowl, and pour the paint thinner over it. This will help you to remove the stain faster from back-to-front, without spreading the stain nor letting it get deep into the fabric.
The next step is to rinse the area completely with water.

!!! Repeat the process if necessary.

Now, after the stain is gone, rub the area with dish soap and rinse again with water.
Voila! The oil-based paint will be out of your clothes.

Image Credits: Tidymom