This particular type of leather is well known for its softness and texture, and let’s be honest, a pair of suede shoes are extremely delicate and beautiful. But given its delicate texture, suede is prone to damage if it gets in contact with water or any type of ink. Even mud can be dangerous if it gets in contact with suede.

I’ve stained my suede jacket with ink, because I had a pencil in my pocket and it had an ink leakage. What would you know? A whole stain was impregnated on my suede jacket. Remove it if you can! I was thinking to apply a patch over it, but it will look cheap, not vintage as I was thinking.

But, a friend of mine recommended the next trick to remove that unsightly ink stain from my suede jacket without ruining the delicate texture.

You need:

– rubbing alcohol
– cotton swabs

How to proceed?

Now, just moisten a cotton swab in a small amount of rubbing alcohol, and gently rub the stain. Repeat this procedure until the ink stain is completely transferred on the cotton swab. Use as many cotton swabs as you need, but remember, don’t rub the stain too rough, just use gentle movements.

Image Credits: Instructables