Winter is the season when wool sweaters are the most wanted item in your wardrobe. Most of the time, after a few washes, the wool sweater is susceptible to pilling due to their fluffy yarns that turn static when they get into contact with other clothes.

Anyway, this pilling problem can be solved, and you can keep your clothes looking brand new forever with the next genius solution.

You need:

– hair spray

Use fragrant hair spray, and start spraying a fine layer over your wool sweaters. The combination of alcohol and various fine powders in this cosmetic product strengthens natural fibers and prevents fluffy lint appearance when wool gets into contact with other fabrics.

Be careful to spray the hairspray from a 20 to 30 cm distance and use very little. There is no need for a large amount. Then let the sweater stand in fresh air for a few minutes. This way the hair spray will dry.

Tip: this procedure should be done after washing the wool garment.

Image Credits: Tide