Smoking is an unhealthy habit, and very disturbing to those around you. Moreover, the tobacco smell doesn’t disappear once you have thrown your cigarette. If you can’t give up this bad habit, at least try to get rid of tobacco smell indoors, especially from the car! I’m pretty sure that as a smoker, you smoke while you’re driving.

So, before cleaning and eliminating the bad tobacco smell inside your car, arm yourself with the next tools:

– upholstery spray or shampoo
– a few cotton cloths
– a dust spray
– wet paper towels
– a vacuum cleaner

1. Remove all debris out of the car and insist vacuuming every corner. Remove all the dirt inside your car, including the cigarette ash. Wash the ashtray well and put a damp cloth inside to prevent the ash from flying.
2. Clean the inside meticulously. Spray-up the foam on the car ceiling and upholstery and wait for a few seconds. With a damp cloth wipe until no brown marks are visible on it.
3. Clean the plastic very well. With a dust spray (your favorite fragrance), clean the doors, stirring wheel and the car board.
4. Clean the windows well. Use a special glass solution to degrease and clean them.
5. Don’t forget about the carpets. Use the same foam used for the ceiling and upholstery and rub until the cloth is dirty.
6. Ventilate well the car. During this time, make sure that the doors are fully opened to allow the air to ventilate well the car interior. Change the air filters.

– After cleaning every inch of your car, the next tricks will be extremely useful for you to get rid of the unpleasant smell of cigarettes.
– Vinegar is a miraculous solution for those who want to get rid of unpleasant odors, including tobacco. Place a vinegar container, down near the front seats and start the ventilation system for about an hour.
– And baking soda does wonders. Sprinkle some baking soda in the ashtray and over the mats. Then, in a few hours, flick- flap the car mats, and put it back in.
– Leave a bag of coals in the car for a few days, and you will notice that the inside odor is not so bad. Coal has a tremendous capacity to absorb strong odors.

Remember! After cleaning the car can you use car deodorants.

Image Credits: Wikihow