Those sticky residues from labels or various stickers are a real nuisance, especially after you wash a jar or a glass. You have to scrub the glass item so hard, because some traders use “that special glue” which won’t come off only with water and dish soap.

Remove stickers from glass items

You need:

– water
– 2 tablespoons of baking soda
– vinegar

Mix vinegar and water in equal proportions and add the baking soda. Mix well to dissolve the baking soda powder, and then soak the glass items such as jars, glass bottles, or glass cups in this solution for 3 hours.
Now, just remove them from water and the sticky residue will be easily removed with a dish brush or with the harsh side of a dish sponge.

Another way is to use nail polish remove for any glass item as long as they are not colored or painted.

Image Credits: Labelvalue