Kitchen cabinets should be called the grease magnet, because they easily catch a sticky and greasy film which is pretty hard to remove, unless you don’t know the right tricks.

Don’t get frustrated that you have to remove that grimy and sticky grease out of your kitchen cabinets at least once every 2 weeks, because you are on the right web page! I happened to find the perfect grease cleaner recipe which works wonders for that greasy film stuck on your kitchen cabinets.

So, pin this article and learn how to tackle greasy residues stuck on kitchen cabinets.
Buckle-up with the next ingredients and make those cupboards sparkle again!

You need:

– 1 tablespoon of baking soda
– 1/2 tablespoon of dish soap
– 1/2 tablespoon of water
– microfiber cloth

How to prepare:

  • Mix all three ingredients in a bowl to make a paste, and then take the microfiber cloth to apply a small amount over the greasy stuck grime. Rub gently using circular movements. In case the microfiber cloth won’t help much in removing the grease film, you better use an old toothbrush.
  • When all the spots are gone or almost gone from the area take a warm cloth and wash down the scrubbed area.
  • Rinse the cloth periodically and make sure you remove all the baking soda mixture.

Tip: start by scrubbing small portions of the greasy area to be sure you remove the entire suck grease.