If you have a stainless steel kitchen sink, you probably know that over time of intense use it gets a dull aspect.
Stainless steel is a modern material and to maintain its glow you have to recall to some specific care tips specially designed for such material.

Anyhow, you probably know that there’s nothing more amazing than the stainless steel glow on kitchen appliances, especially on that stainless steel sink…but you have to keep it that way.

Of course, there are many ways to polish and get rid of that dull stainless steel aspect, but I discovered a crazy way in regaining the glow of stainless steel appliances.

Flour – this ingredient is a wonderful stainless steel polisher, and I didn’t find any explanation for that. Who cares? It does its job well, so I’m using it!

You need:

– some flour
– some dish soap (I used Dawn dish soap)
– 4 cloths

All set? Now follow the next steps to give your stainless steel sink a nice polish:

  • Take a rag give some dish soap squirts all over the sink, and then clean it thoroughly using the cloth. Rub the sink for a couple of minutes and rinse it with cold water.
  • Now, dry the sink using a clean rag to prepare it for the next step. Don’t forget to dry the drains and sink’s walls.
  • So, flour action: pour ¼ cup of flour in the sink. You should have a thick layer of flour.
  • Just buff the sink with a rag using circular movements. Polish it as you would’ve polish your car, and don’t forget polishing the drains and faucets. Every inch of the sink should get a nice polish.
  • When you’ve finished polishing just remove all the flour with a rag, and don’t rinse it through the drain because you risk clogging them.

Repeat this procedure once a month to maintain the spark of your stainless steel sink.
!!! The most important step is to dry well the sink. Pouring flour into a wet sink will create sticky goops.